New here. Saying hello.

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I just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'm no executive level chef, so I may have some questions that seem silly, but I respect the help that is available here.

I work providing a service to elderly people who are able to live on their own but should not be cooking anymore. So often, they let their nutrition suffer. I go to their home, cook and freeze meals, and then make sure they have good instructions on how to reheat those meals in the microwave. Not exactly 5 star dining, but some pretty good meals properly stored. I like to think I'm helping these people just a little bit while making a living by cooking.

Anyway, that's me. Oh, called triple ripple by my friends. The ripple due to the fact that I'm a big fellow with a little ripple when I walk. The triple, well that's for another time.
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Welcome to Cheftalk - an intriguing name, so we'll await revelations about the triple in ripple at a later date!

The work you are doing is invaluable - and probably ensures that your elderly charges get a nutritious, balanced diet.

Feel free to join in on any threads you find interesting, or start your own. There is a separate area of the site for professionals only - you will find them very helpful to fellow professionals' queries in there!
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