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Hi everyone, 

I just joined today after reading reviews of equipment for months.  So many knowledgeable people.  would love to contribute as much as I can.  

I'm an avid cook with an equipment obsession.  hahah hope to have a good time here!


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Welcome and thanks for the great compliment. After 15+ years we have been fortunate enough to have many excellent reviews and posts. Let us know if you have any questions. What equipment where you researching?
Joined Mar 16, 2016
Hi Nicko, 

thank you for the warm welcome.  I was mainly looking into knives, but also pans and etc.  

I am looking into getting a chef's knife in addition to a santokou that I picked up in japan.  the choices get more complicated the more I read the forums, but I think I'm settled on a Masamoto VG knife.  

Thank you and hope to see you in the forums. 

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