New guy who makes a great water stock!

Joined Jul 4, 2011
Yep that's right! Hope to get alot out of this sites and maybe meet some badass chefs/home cooks.

Goodday Chris
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hi Chris, and welcome to Chef Talk. I like your little joke ("can't boil water" makes water stock...:D). We can help you turn that around. Besides the discussion forum we have cooking articles, book and equipment reviews, photos and more.

Home cooks like you and I are free to read everywhere on the site, and to post in all the General forums. However, we mustn't post in the Professionals' forums, which are reserved for them.

What would you like to learn to make? Is there something you can make now, that you'd like to change up a bit or improve?

We look forward to your participation in the community.



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