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Well, I guess I'll be polite and introduce myself. So, hey y'all.

Let's see, ex-cook, miss working in a kitchen but vision started slowing me down so forced to find an actual job. What can I say, never had the chance to take classes or any of that but no matter how bad it got, cooking never seemed like "work." But, I'm still trying to keep my mind and skills sharp.

I have an interest most cuisines, love everything from street tacos to Italian and Real Chinese (ok, I like American style Chinese too rofl.)

I am also willing to learn new tricks and even pass on the ones I know.


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Welcome to cheftalk. I would have to say being a cook is a real job just a very low paying one. Let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
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I meant "real job" as in 8 hours of drudgery you go through just to pay the bills. Even when I was pulling 12 hours days I enjoyed it too much to count is as a job.

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