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Just came upon this web site and was wowed by all the interest in food and the culinary arts that everyone seems to have here. :suprise: I grew up in a restaurant family and have always had a passion for food.


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Welcome homechef777 glad you are here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself [email protected] or any of the moderators.
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A belated welcome Homechef. I think you will enjoy it here. I learn something every day!
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We're glad you found us, Homechef. Please tell us about yourself and what you like to cook.
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Such an effusive welcome. thanks.:blush:

I'm only an amateur foodie but I suspect from my reading of the many threads, that there are many professionals out there. Hope you don't mind my hanging out here now and then.

My background is Chinese cuisine, my father was in the business and needless to say I grew up with it. My passion is for Mediterranean flavors though for several years now. Love the variety and use of ingredients. So much like the Asian philosophy when it comes to the use of fresh and natural ingredients. I can whip up a wicked kung pao chicken but can also do a very nice pasta all'amatriciana and a few more challenging dishes as well. So much to learn and so little time. I'm also dabbling in baking as well. I made my first puff pastry recently. :)

I must say that cooking and baking are such different worlds. The one can be so improvisational and the other can be so precise. So much to learn as I said. Well that's enough for now.

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