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Hi all!

New guy here. I found this forum doing a google search for cooking forums. I'm a cook at home/hobbyist. Pretty new at making food for more than just for killing hunger pangs, and am having loads of fun.

I use cook books, with a little variation based on what I can get at a store. I really like ethnic type foods, Middle Eastern, eastern Europe and American game meats. We have a local speciality meat shop close by with really good elk, venison, buffalo, lamb and goat. I dig making soups too.

I've made some real lousy chow, but moslty its been edible.

I will be lurking and reading, and hopefully learning.

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Whilst many of our members are professionals within the culinary industries, there are lots of us (like me) who are enthusiastic amateurs - we also come from all around the globe, which makes for interesting conversations on some of the threads!

Feel free to join in on any topic you find interesting or even start your own in the appropriate forum. Please note that the professional fora are 'read only' for those of us who are not in the culinary industries - but they often make fascinating reading!

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