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So glad I found this place... My father is a European immigrant and started working in restaurants the moment he stepped on American land.  I grew up in the restaurant business, am now 25, and have been working for ten years in the industry.  I've been running a small mom and pop style cafe for a little over 4 years now.  It's a seven day a week place with a lot of competition around, and a forced low price menu to keep the people coming in the doors. 

I'm looking at renting a steakhouse with my wife (possibly in the next few weeks signing a lease).  A little worried because I'm not very experienced in the steakhouse aspect of restaurants but I've got to learn sometime.  A bit tired of the family style restaurant busy idiot work that goes with it. So I'm hoping I can pull in as much advice as I can through everyone's experiences... and offer some if I can myself as well.
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Welcome to Cheftalk.

We have members from around the globe - quite a few from various EU countries, I'm from Scotland, for instance.  The membership have skill levels from those just starting to learn about food, to masterchefs - and all stages in between.  There are quite a few who have their own businesses and would be good sources of advice for you in your new venture!  Interestingly, many of our steak-house style restaurants have been hard hit by the healthy-eating brigade - and sadly, two of my favourite local places have since closed.  However, I know that MEAT is a big part of many American lifestyle choices, so I'm SURE your place will be a great success.

The wikis, blogs, photographs, reviews and articles are also well worth viewing - with lots of inspiration for new dishes etc.  We also have professional only fora on the site, where as a working culinary specialist, you would be able to post any questions you might have - and be assured that the answers you receive will be based on a working knowledge of the culinary trades.

Hope to see you around the boards. 
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