New guy here!

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Hi, my name is Scott, from Canton, Ohio. I'm a full time steelworker and I have a licensed home bakery business, I predominately make wedding cakes, but event cakes & desserts also. No formal schooling, mostly self taught. Not sure if I can post my web site here, so I will wait until someone tells me if I can or not.
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Hello Scott, and welcome to Chef Talk. This is a great place to connect with others in the culinary world and with food lovers from all over the world. We don't permit promotion of your business here, but after you've participated here for a short time you'll be able to add your link to your profile.

We have a good contingent of bakers and pastry people here; you can see their work in the photo gallery. We have many highly talented people here!

I hope you enjoy being part of the community, and that you stop in often.
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