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As of 6:48 on sunday morning my grand-daughter London Noel was born. weighing in at 6 lb. 15 oz. she was sooooo laid back and alert, only mad when she got her first bath. This is grandbaby number five, and number six is due on the 24th.:thumb:
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You sound so proud !!!! Well a big Congratulations are in order. I am very happy that all went well. Due on the 24th ? Might , could, the 25th ?
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Wow, Robin! Sounds like you whelped a bunch of rampant breeders! :lol:

Congratulations, and maybe you can adjust the next one to be a Christmas baby. Despite the disadvantage of getting one present to cover both occasions!

We thought we were lined up for a Millenium grandson, but his mother dropped the ball and he was born January 2, 2000. Still, easy to remember his age, though. :thumb:

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Congrats to All! Hope the new mum & dad are doing as well as the rowdy baby :)

London is an interesting name - they weren't on holiday in England 9 months ago? :D
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Congratulations Robin. I love the name London Noel.

Sending my warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness to you and your family
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Thanks to all, she is such a laid back baby and sleeps four hours at a time, so mom and dad are getting some rest. Wish dad had done that when he was a baby!
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