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    Hi All

    Just to introduce myself. I actually started my career off in IT and project management but always cooked as a hobby from early teen years.

    In 2001 when the IT bubble I was in burst I changed careers and managed a residential childrens activity centre which hosted weddings at weekends. Slowly I was drawn into the catering side of things and built up my skills to a reasonable level, 4-5 course meal for 150 covers with a half decent menu.

    I was lucky enough to have the time to study as I worked and spent three years at catering college training under some good chefs.

    After building my skill set to a level I was confident of I bought a restaurant which I ran as a French bistrot for 5 years before selling on as the hours were just too much with a wife and kids waiting at home.

    I now manage the catering for a group of schools where I have free reign to design dishes and menus for ages 3-25. So everything from puree meals at one site to pizzas cooked to order at another with a public café hopefully attached to a third. I also teach basic catering skills to students as part of a vocational programme.

    I'm not going to be cooking to the same levels as some of you guys on here but I may be able to help with some things, especially the technical and science side of food which is my research area.

    Anyway, that's me.

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    Welcome Tony!

    I like you already! "Technical and science side of food" was the foundation of my career! It makes the creative part easier if you know what will happen and WHY it will happen. WooHoo!

    Two peoples separated by a common language but, joined by a love of cooking. I only know a little English, I dated a Brummie for a bit. LOL

    Once more, welcome!