New from Spain, ¡buenas noches!

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I just love to have found this forum. Please, bear with my poor English, if I seem a bit shy it is because it is not easy for me to write in English (oh, but my Spanish is just wonderful ;)

If somebody needs to know something about Spanish cooking (recipes, ingredients, etc.), I'd be very happy to be useful. I also can answer questions about food from Russia and Cuba (don't ask, it is a long story :) )

I am wishing to learn a lot here! I am a serious amateur cook (is there such a thing?), and love learning every bit.

Thanks for standing me.

Cristina in Spain
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Welcome Christina!!!

Glad to have you with us.

You know you can start in the recipe forums with some new tapas Ideas
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Welcome Adler. I too am a serious amateur cook and yes, there are lots of us who can proudly claim that title.
My family and I spent a fabulous 2 weeks in Spain a few years ago. The Spanish people treated us very well and we had some excellent food and wine.
You will enjoy this site and you will learn a lot. I know I have.

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Cristina bienvenido.

Estoy seguro que usted lo gozará aquí. Soy también un cocinero de amature y yo aprenden algo nuevo aquí todos los días.

Espero con ansia oír más acerca de sus aventuras con ruso y cocina cubana.


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Welcome Cristina! So nice to meet you. Don't worry about your English, for many of us it's a second language.
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Hola! Este un pais para mucho gente estudie cocinar y mas otras cosas. Espanol de mio es malo, pero estudio con los otros gente en mi cocina.
Welcome aboard!!
Jaime (Jim!)
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Welcome Christina.

I am sure that coming from such an intersting and BEAUTIFUL area of Europe you will have many things to say.

Waiting for your posts
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Hola Cristina,

Your English looks just fine to me.:)

Welcome to Cheftalk. What pert of Spain are you from?
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Hi, Cristina,

Welcome! Spain is such a beautiful country, and what wonderful food you have! Your English is far, far, better than my Spanish!!!!
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bienvenidos Cristina! no te preocupes por el ingles. Lo escribes muy bien.

Where in Spain are you from? I hope that you will enjoy yourself here and teach us all at the same time!
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Hola, Cristina! Don't worry for an instant about communicating here. We're happy to hear whatever you have to contribute, no matter the language. Many of us are passionate amateurs, but everyone realizes how much we can learn from each other, no matter our backgrounds.
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Ciao Cristina...and welcome to another Mediterranean newbie!
Look at MY English, and don't worry about yours! This is an awesome site and you'll have a lot of fun here.
Looking forward to your contributes!

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Welcome aboard Cristina!

You remind me of a tour guide I once had in Fuenjirola: he was Cuban, studied Russian in Cuba and Russia, and then settled in Spain where he spent most of his life. Anyone you know? (kidding!)

Well, we're very fortunate to have you here.
As Cape Chef suggested, you should start a tapas thread in the Recipe Exchange. I would also love to hear you talk about Spanish cheeses.

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