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HI everyone, Robbie here

Im a full time chef working in Dublin, Ireland.  Currently working for a small food production company.  Recently decided I want to try my hand at pastry so for the time being just doin a few bits at home.  Next year I will be hoping to travel to Australia for work and figured that having some skills and knowledge in pastry could be handy.  But if there is anybody in and around the dublin area, who would like to take on an apprentice pastry chef at the weekends, i'd be up for the challenge.
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Hello Robbie, and welcome! We've a good contingent of members from your corner of the world. Ishbel, another Welcome Forum moderator, just returned from several weeks in Australia. I think you'll have a few questions for her. But then, we have a strong contingent of members from Australia and New Zealand; I'm sure they'll be happy to share what they know.

I hope you have a look around the site. We have some great features to explore (wikis, photo gallery, etc.). We'll look forward to your participation in the forums, and hope you enjoy all the great things here at Chef Talk.

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From one Paddy to another, Failte!

I'm not based in the Dublin area but if you  have any questions re. pastry, just ask.  I found this site last year but only had the time to really give it a closer look and join in recently (the first and only forum I've joined) - and I've learnt alot about the other side of cooking - the hot kitchen/savoury side, in that short space of time, hopefully you will learn alot about pastry here too. 
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Hello Robbie

I'm just back from a couple of months down under.  I'm a native of Edinburgh and adore Dublin.

If you have any specific questions regarding Australia (from a 'foreign' point of view) I'd be happy to try to help.  DC is a native Australian, and I think she'd be delighted to give you the home-grown Aussie point of view on any questions you might wish to raise!

This trip I concenterated on NSW, Canberra and Melbourne.  Melbourne  is DEFINITELY the foodie capital of Oz.
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G'day Blue wind - Owyagoin? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

Welcome to ChefTalk - I reckon you'll find it a great place for info, feedback, advice, constructive criticism. Many many people here with a great depth of knowledge on many things - I actually came across the site by chance and have been here ever since.  And its not not only the professionals - many a home cook has great advice - they are just working professionally in another field.  Really hope you give it a try.

Where were you based Down Under?  We're in Melbourne here, had been in Tassie for 6 years so just finding our feet here after a recent move.  Loving it.  True blue Aussie thru and thru, with a quarter Irish in the bloodstream.


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