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Hello from Detroit! I'd love to hear from anyone in my area. I'm not a chef but am looking into schools and may be considering getting into this field. I've worked in kitchens when i was still in high school and am looking to get back into it. I'd like to consider myself young(26) but am still what most would consider a career changer even if my other 'career' never really got off the ground. I'd like to hear some positive things about the field since anyone I've already talked to hasn't had much good to share.
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Hello, subpop:)

I hope you'll take the time to read the posts in the culinary students forum and the welcome forum. You will find a lot of career changers and people wanting to get a start in the food industry. I hope you find the inspiration you're looking for!
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Welcome subpop,
Nice to meet you!
Like momoreg said there are some great threads in the Culinary students forum. You will find alot of folks in the same situation as yours.
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thank you all. I've read most of the 'culinary students' postings and am hopefull that I will get as much out of it as they have if I go. In my free time, when I have free time, I like to do all sorts of things including outdoor activities but only in the summer because I'm not one for the cold which it does unfortunately get here in the winter.
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Before making a decision you ought to read Anthony Bourdain's book 'Cooking Confidential':D
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Welcome, Subpop! How nice to have someone from the Motor City!

Is Gratiot Central Market still around? and wasn't there other one right near it? and a huge meat market just a little way up one of the freeways from the riverfront? and all the Italian stores, and the Arabic ones? As I recall from my 3 years there, Detroit may have horrible winter weather, but you can sure buy good stuff to cook and eat!
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