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Big foodie here and I love to cook. I run a company outside the food industry but I missed my calling as I should have been a chef. When I retire, I plan on opening a restaurant and putting my love for food and cooking to better use than my expanding waist line.

A part of my love for cooking is traditional low and slow BBQ for about 6 years now. I have participated in some competitions and invested in too much equipment. I wish I had the time to start my own competition team and compete around the country but I don’t.

Three or four times a year, I’ll do all the cooking for 50-100 people for my company events. It’s a ton of work for 3 or 4 days, the kitchen explodes and I drive my wife and kids totally nuts but it’s a labor of love. Does your spouse hate it when you cook too?
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Hello Venom,

I'm a foodie and love to cook, too. The bf doesn't mind much when I'm in the kitchen. However, the grocery store is another story. The area in which I currently live has very poor quality produce that is quite expensive, very limited selection in all areas, especially ingredients for ethic cuisines, which I adore. Have you seen the movie "Big Night". Basically, I turn into Primo when shopping locally. I combat the situation by traveling 1 1/2 hrs. to another city where the selection is much wider.


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"A part of my love for cooking is traditional low and slow BBQ for about 6 years now"

Hey Venom, I think u may b over cooking it somewhat eh?

Welcome to the forum.
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Thanks bleugirl, I'm fortunate as I don't have that problem finding quality. Bughut, what can I say except there's one in every crowd! Don't worry, I don't mind, it keeps everything fun! Are you a true Scott or do you just live there?

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