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Hi there, 

I am wondering if a culinary certificate from NECI is the right move for me. I am 26 years old and have been working in restaurants since I turned 18. I have 2 years professional experience in the kitchen. 1 1/2 years in a four star resort hotel in Vail, CO and 6 months at my new job at a country club in central Florida. I have my AA degree in general studies and am also getting my BS degree in restaurant and foodservice management from UCF Rosen College. I am going to school full time while cooking at the country club part time. I want to become a chef eventually and I love to cook. My question is do you think the program at NECI would accelerate my career or more so hone my skills? NECI seems like the most bang for my buck and has an excellent reputation. I would like to earn the certificate to have some professional education and be able to put it on a resume as well. Any advice is welcome.  
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Hello there!

    Full disclosure: I am a NECI grad and currently in the digital content coordinator and alumni coordinator for the school.

Based on what you've written about your experience, I think that you would find the certificate program below your current skill level. It is really an entry-level program for folks with little to no cooking experience who want to gain skill or are considering an AOS or BA degree. Depending on your skill level, you might also consider taking a skills assessment where, based on your experience, you could bypass some of AOS courses and take more advanced courses towards a BA degree instead. I would recommend getting in touch with the admissions office for more specifics  on that. Also, if you would like to speak with an alum about their experience at the school, we have several in Florida that you could speak with.

    In any case, if I can help out in any way, don't hesitate to be in touch.



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Thanks you dearly for the responses! Abel Cane thanks for the input I appreciate the information. Phil, thanks you for your input as well. I did not know if the certificate was basic skills so thank you for the clarification. I really appreciate your taking time to respond to a question that is so important to me. If I have any further questions Phil I will not hesitate to contact you. Talking to alumni might be useful as well. Thank you both.


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