new egyptian chef Alaa Noby Bastawi

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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

I have visited Egypt a number of times - both for business and pleasure. The last time I stayed at Sharm el Sheikh and went scuba diving.

I hope you will enjoy joining in on some of the topics here - or even post your own!
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Marhaba Chef Alaa. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Where are you from?


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dear all :
First, I'm very pleased for your interest and your appreciation of this and who did not expect this, really i'm in the forum is beautiful, and great,
Ishbel you all respect me and all the Egyptians, was surprised when I knew you were on a visit to Egypt in the past, Sharm El-Sheikh and special to me because I work in Sharm el-Sheikh is currently, and I hope if I knew you before, and I met there, but I hope to come again have the opportunity
Hello bughut, I'm from Egypt, specifically Luxor,
In any case I wish you every success

By the way: I've got also a forum specializing in the kitchen, but in Arabic. I hope one day to become my forum as your forum

chef/ alaa noby bastawi
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Salaam alaykum, Chef Alaa. Let me add my welcome! We'll be very glad to have you tell us more about your regional cooking in the forums.

Best regards,
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