New cook, need more courages

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I know all you are professional pastry chefs, at least you work for so long time in this industry.

Sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language.

 As for me, I am just a new grad from culinary school, culinary management.

I had internships and a little working experiences in real kitchen, and I really feel like I know nothing, I did nothing when taking school.

I am not afraid of being yelled in kitchen, and I am prepared to work and learn really hard in real world.

What I learnt from school is very general, cooking, baking, management, wine, etc..

I used to push myself working really hard on every station, but now I feel I have no talent on hotline. (I don't mean I am doing good on pastry.)

As well, I feel enough about the hot working spaces, smokes, oil, is the men's world.

I know I am also not good at pastry, but feel like doing it better than cooking.

My friends told me that, baking is good for girls rather than cooking.

I am facing choices and changes....

Life is like a   gambling, I persuaded many people that I have passion on cooking and then taking culinary school 2 years ago.

Yes I felt happy in my school, but now I need to face the reality.

I am going to try baking and pastry,like looking for a job at bakery.

I will work really hard......Hope I can see the light soon.

Otherwiese, I don't know where is my future.

Could you lpz give me encouragement and suggestions.

Plz, Plz, Thank you.
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It's really difficult for women to come into a kitchen of all guys and hold their own.  You have to prove to them that you're not another one of those girls who's afraid to break a nail or get dirty.... All of us have delt with this at one point or another.  Hang in there! Show them that you can do it, keep working hard and you'll gain respect.  When something goes wrong try again, it's the only way you'll learn and don't forget... Everyone makes mistakes that first time they do things:)
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Thanks for your support,your words really make sense to me.

I am trying to find a way out, and feel better recently.


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Real life is different than school and sometimes schools paint a false picture of what you will encounter in the industry, I don't buy the girl cop out excuse anymore, I have worked with plenty of tough as nails women who were excellent chefs and DID not talk and act like a sailor.

You just have to keep on going and never let them see you suck.

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