New cook, looking to those with experience

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I'm Georgette, a culinary graduate, writer and former food editor. After graduating from culinary school and completing my internships, I returned to writing for awhile, but tired of sitting at a desk all day. I have been working at a federal military hospital for about four months. We rotate stations, so sometimes I do short order in the cafeteria and other times I cook in the back for patients and the main cafeteria line.

As the only woman cook, and someone who is (ahem) mature and barely 5' tall, I am finding the work very challenging. Heavy lifting and workload, high-testosterone atmosphere, some co-workers unfamiliar with sanitation and safety practices who refuse to take suggestions from the newbie, and young NCO superiors with no professional cooking experience ... well, those are a few of the challenges. On the other hand, uniforms provided, free parking and lunch, health benefits, mastering a challenge, and camaraderie with others, those are the parts I love.

I have lots of questions and look forward to getting some feedback from those more experienced.
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Hello Georgette and welcome to Chef Talk. A person with your array of abilities will find plenty to enjoy here.

As Amber noted, you have a challenging posiiton. I'm certain there are other women here who have succeeded in spite of those who'd prefer you didn't. I hope you meet some of them here and to benefit from their experiences.

We hope you visit often to share and to learn.
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