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Hello, I'm a cooking enthusiast,

I join the forum because I may want to discuss some cooking recipes 

Also please, there is one question that bugs me

Why in the states there is a recipe called "Pumpkin bread", when it has the preparation,

taste and looks of a cake

shouldn't it be "Pumpkim cake" ?

I'm interested on the historical reason

or the reasoning behind

Thank you so much

Have fun all !!!


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Welcome to ChefTalk. You will have to post your cooking question in our cooking and food forum to get the best answer so please re-post this question there.
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Welcome! My wife is from Lima and I have been a huge peruvian food enthusiast since I met her 12 years ago. I have traveled all over peru and lived there for quite some time. We even owned/operated a peruvian food truck here in the USA and sold Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina, Pan con Chicharon, etc. 

To answer your question, in the world of cooking, there are plenty of terms that can be confusing in all languages. I am still confused why you guys call a cookie and a cracker both Galleta and have no separate terms distinguishing sweet and salty Galletas. jejejejeje
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Hello, Thanks for the Welcome

Yeah In Peru we love peruvian food too hehe

my favorite dish is aji de gallina =)

And reading the recipes on the internet they change a lot depending on the source or if I ask my mother for example

Regarding to the galletas, I think we use adjectives in case of confusion

galleta de soda are like crackers

galleta de vainilla are usually sweet

galleta salada are like ritz haha

we basically use the first two in cooking


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