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    Hello I do not speak very well English. But I know very well Russian cuisine. And a good Ukrainian. I noticed that on the forum there are many questions on Russian cuisine. I will try to help you as far as my strength. I have some experience and I am happy to share them with you. There are also some knowledge of Italian, Brazilian and European cuisine. But, I think the professionals in these countries - there are many.

    I love to learn new things. I worked in Moscow, Belgorod and now in Kaliningrad. Each region has a specific character. I look forward to learning new things and meet interesting professionals and amateurs. And just good people.

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    Welcome, Eljernon! Many of our members are not native English speakers. Don't worry about any of that. We'll ask you to clarify your words if that is necessary. 

    You will find wonderful cooking articles, photos and much more beyond the discussion forums here. I hope you explore it all. The search function may be very helpful as well, as we have 10 years of information here!

    I have cooked a few Russian dishes myself (cabbage borscht, pimieny dumplings). My family is of Ukranian-Russian Jewish descent, so some of your favorite dishes may be familiar to me and others here.

    We hope you will enjoy being part of the community here. Let us know if you have questions.