New chef uniform...need opinions

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I don't know if this thread belongs here so move if its required admins.

OK, at work here, they deal with a company named Cintas that makes and maintains their uniforms for shipping & recieving. Looking through their catalogue, I found they also sell chef's uniforms so I'm looking into buying some coats and hats.

I'm getting
2 chef hats 65/35 polyester/cotton
1 Pill box hat of the same ratio

I'm thinking of getting 1 Chef's coat 65/35 polyester/cotton uniform with 1 other.

Either Chef's coat 65/35 with trim or French cut Chef's coat 100% cotton. Both are roughly the same price but I have no idea which to pick. Both use traditional knot buttons, the 1 with the trim looks nice but the cotton coat would be more comfortable and breathes better. I'm having a hard time to decide so I'm turning to you, my fellow chef's for opinions.


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Ask yourself who is going to iron your 100% cotton chefcoat?

Problem solved. :)

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Kuan's right! I've just brought a 65/35 chef coat, saves so much time ironing!
no need to iron while damp like you do with the 100% cotton!
Much smarter! :D
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i've got to dissent here ;). I buy 100% cotton. They breathe. poly/cotton cleans easier, comes out of the dryer looking good, is cheaper, but its hot!
Cotton, i run through the cycle and shake out almost dry. presentation coats i will starch and press. They also go to the dry cleaners every couple of months for a cleaning.
The best way to go though is to use your linen service for uniforms. Cleaned and pressed and ready to roll. Of course this depends on uniform budget. A place that will not outfit their staff is usually not worth working for IMO.
hth, danny
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