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Hi, my name is Tiana and I am 26 yrs old, a military wife, and have been cooking with my mother (a restaurant owner/catering co. owner/and personal/private chef) for all my life. I have been asked by several wives (and husbands) to cater parties or teach a cooking class. I feel like I am ready now and am going to start in-home (my home) cooking classes and some catering. I am trying to come up with a cute/catchy name. I thought of Chick In the Kitchen but its taken. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Hottie with a hotplate? welcome, you'll probably get more thoughtful answers later:p
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Tiana. You'll be glad you found this place if you're getting ready to launch a food business, because you're likely to hear from people who've done the same.

I think you'd be better off posting your business name question in the Food and Cooking Questions and Discussions General forum. We've had similar queries before, so I'm sure you'll get more suggestions that just Gunnar's. :lol:

I've toyed with the idea of doing cooking lessons for individuals at their homes, but other things get in my way. I hope you get your business going! Then you'll be able to share your experience here so others can learn.

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