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hello senior chefs,

I am new chef here. I want to make a restuarant. Previously i have experience in cooking food.
Now i want to know what are the equipment will need for a restaurant ?
I need your help.please help me.

Waitingfotyourreply !

William Hayden
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Welcome William, opening and owning a restaurant is a great adventure. I have a feeling your from either England or Eastern Europe, maybe  even Welsh, How close am I ??????????????  If your in the United States, I would go to the Health Dept, tell them you are interested in opening a Restaurant and need info of what is needed. They will give you a book with all your needs and requirements to pass inspection. They will also ask you to make s scaled diagram of the kitchen,all appliance's, grills, ovens, fryers, counters, dishwasher, refers and freezers, this isn't easy for most people. If you deal with a local Restaurant supply house, they can design this for you if you purchase the equipment from them. Designing a kitchen takes a person that has worked in many kitchens, this person will know whats needed in the smallest space so as to work this area as fast and efficient as possible,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The best ...........ChefBillyB
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Billy has great advice, the health dept will usually have a lsit of what they want to see: The usual, dishwashers, fridges sinks pot sinks, hand sinks, mop sinks, bathroom wihin 50 ft of the working area, etc.

But equipment in general?  I don't know if you are going into a room with just four walls and floor, or an old gutted restaurant, or a existing restaurant. The last two are generally easier to do, as most of the infrastructure is already in place.  This would include wiring, plumbing, (including grease trap and hot water heater) HVAC, but most importantly--the ventilation system.

The ventilation system is probably the single most expensive piece of infrastructure in a restaurant, it's not just the hood, but the shaft, the extraction fans, the make up air fans, and the fire supression.  It can get very pricey.

Your menu will dictate if you need fryers, char broilers, salamanders or other specialized equipment.

When designing a kitchen don't forget one of the most basic rules of refrigeration:  Fridges don't make  things cold, they remove warm air.  And that warm air has to go somewhere.........
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