New: Calphalon ONE 10" Skillet and Calphalon KATANA 5-1/2 Serrated Utility Knife

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    Up for sale are two Calphalon One 10" frying pans and one Calphalon Katana 5-1/2 in. VG-1 steel serrated utility knife.

    I bought these items to be gifts, but am no longer in need for them. I would like to part with them so I can upgrade my current knife set./img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif

    Calphalon One 10" frying pan

    Background Info

    Calphalon One is a discontinued line from Calphalon, and was very popular for its Infused Anodized nonstick surface, which sears meat like a traditional stainless surface, but has the ease of cleaning like a good nonstick pan. It was discontinued due to the infused anodization process being too expensive. It has since been replaced by Calphalon Unison, their current top of the line nonstick.

    Product Info

    These two pans are brand-new, never been used pans that I purchased in clearance. Given that, they do have small nicks and scratches but this does not affect the use, nor does it nullify the Lifetime Warranty. I have taken photos from multiple angles to give you a good idea of how they look.

    MSRP: $125 MY PRICE: $50, free shipping CONUS (please specify which pan you want)

    Calphalon Katata 5-1/2 in. serrated utility knife

    Background Info

    Calphalon Katana is another discontinued line from Calphalon, and was their most popular knife. It features 32 layers of stainless steel in Damascus layers, giving the knife a great metallic-wooden look. The core is made of Japanese VG-1 steel, and it is known as one of the hardest types of steel used in cutlery.

    Product Info

    This is a brand-new knife still in the box. I know it cuts well because I already have one, hence I am not keeping this one.

    MSRP: $50 MY PRICE: $40, free shipping CONUS

    I will give a discount if more than one item is bought. Thank you for looking!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif