New bug, no cursor in reply box

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I am not getting a cursor in the reply box(or this one as I type) and the backspace key doesn't work. Using firefox's latest version on XP service pack 3


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What happens when you click in the reply box?
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Don't know about anybody else but when I hit post reply, the left alignment button is blue highlighted and I can't type anything. I click on source and then I can type.


This happened multiple times to me too. I'm using Firefox 3.6.10 on Mac. This happened twice after I accidentally detached a tab window that I was in the middle of writing out from the main browser window. The cursor disappeared and I couldn't do anything. It came back after I refresh the page. (I had to copy whatever I was writing before I refresh the browser not to lose the content)

But as cheflayne suggested, the cursor is back after I switch to source mode by clicking the Source button in the toolbar and then click the Source again to come back to the wysiwyg editor.
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 I have had this happen to me as well and I'm also using firefox on the mac.  I've never lost the content but not having the cursor there definitely makes it challenging to type.


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I use Firefox exclusively in Linux and Windows and haven't had the problem though this cursor issue is a known bug in how this platform interacts with Firefox. If you've upgraded to the latest version of Firefox  (3.6.11 (this week I think) most of this should be gone.

Future versions of the platform are planned to have a simpler more compliant editor option.
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