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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by pom7756, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Just a quick intro. I am a first time poster..and anxiuously hoping for help with my research problems.
    I am attempting to implicate a *party platter* business out of the upscale, beach front deli that I currently manage.
    Since we now have access to so much information via the web, I find it almost impossibile to locate even the simplest items. UGH! :crazy:
    1) I am hoping to find a wholesaler to purchase round plastic trays that resemble a basket type weave on the outside, to present our customers with an array of take home platters ranging from breakfast items, lunch, beautiful sliced fruits and appetizers. Since we service a beach/resort type community, I would like to do something casual, but more than the colorful type of plastic baskets that one usually gets a burger and fries in.
    It would seem so simple, but I have no idea how to begin the research.

    2) Also, I would like to find a company that would *print* a logo on the deli papers that would line our platters.

    3) more thing. I also am trying to find a coffee condiment holder since we are also a coffee shop. We need to hold sugars, stirrers and cup lids. All that I can find on the web are the clear plastic holders. I am thinking Starbucks like......a little upscale and more updated.

    Please be my Tylenol and help me rid this headache! LOL
    Ever so thankful,
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    Hello Gayle and welcome to Chef Talk. You certainly have an ambitious project! I hope you succeed famously.

    Since most of your post concerns questions, I'm going to move it to an appropriate forum so it gets the attention you hope for. Come on back to the Welcome Forum if you'd like to tell us more about yourself.

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    Hi Pom...
    Since you are already working at the deli I imagine you have suppliers for everything from kitchen to service items.

    I would start with them. Talk to your sales rep. Let her or him know what you are looking for and they will gladly let you know what they have in that regard.

    If they don't carry what you are looking for they will surely have suggestions.

    If this doesn't work I would contact some of the purveyors who work in your area. I don't know where you are but I am assuming you are in the States somewhere. Try Sysco, Ben E. Keith, there are others who names escape me right now. There is one with "Lester" in the name who I always used to refer to as "Mo-lester" ... AHA just came to me... it is K.O. Lester!

    Not sure I understand why you don't want to use the internet. It makes it infinitely easier to find things. Just google "restaurant supply" and your city name or state and you will see a list of suppliers in your area. It usually starts with only one phone call and you will be given a raft of information and leads each of which will give you more information and leads.

    Here is a link to a web directory of food service wholesalers in the States, you can narrow down the list by changing the search parameters. Check it out.

    good luck!