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    Hello, all.

    Well, for a long while I've not supposed to have been eating salt by doctor's orders, orders which have naturally been ignored by me.  However, my wife today had a blood pressure of 242 over 139 and her cardiologist has taken her off salt.  Now it's a different story.

    For myself, I basically salt my salt.  We enjoy southern cooking of all kinds and most other foods.  (by the way, I'm overweight, she's not).  I'm on heart meds but have never had high blood pressure even before the meds...mine is somewhere around 110-115 over 65-75.  Cholesteral's ok, too.  Kinda odd for someone that eat's a ribeye's tail before the meat.  Go figure.

    Anyhow, I now have to come up with some salt-free dishes, so I figure if I can learn some really good dishes or methods I may as well introduce some of them at the restaurant.  No one else around here is doing it, so it sort of makes sense.

    Ok, my question to any of you is where do you start??

    I assume that there are many ways to season food without salt (UGH), so any suggestions as to how to begin would be appreciated very much.  I'm 68 and hoping an old dog CAN learn some new tricks.

    Any particular cookbooks you folks like?  Seasoning substitutions?  Etc.?

    thanks for indulging me.



    Hope my eating habits didn't gross anyone out.  I did stop eating possum at an early age, so all is not lost.
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    My wife has high blood pressure, so we have been salt free at home for a few years now with no real loss of flavor. I use lemon, vinegar, sweet and sour combos, lots of umami ingredients, spices, pepper,and plenty of fresh herbs.

    Basically I always try to intensify the tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, and umami in order to stimulate as many taste buds as possible without having to resort to salt.

    Take heart, all is not lost. There is life and taste after salt.
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    Check with your doc and ask how many grams of sodium are allowed each day (salt free diet is virtually impossible to do).

    Then take a calculator to your pantry as well as your market.

    I am assuming you know how to read and understand the nutrition labels so start adding up what you are currently taking in each day.


    Yeah....pretty bad.

    Some foods have some amt of naturally occurring sodium so budget for those first.

    Take baby steps, reduce bit by bit and it won't be so painful (notice I didn't say PAINLESS lol)

    Also check out sites supported by the AMA and American Heart Association, lots of great info there.

    I will tell you a little secret...get really close now.... after you and the wife stabilize it is likely that you can add back the occasional "fun" foods.


    * watch out for the potassium based salt replacement products (too much potassium will jack with your muscles and your heart is a muscle)

     I keep on hand a low sodium lemon pepper product that is pretty fools the ole' taste buds ...