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I have been at my current job over 2 years. While it pays well and has wonderful benefits, I'm not longer challenged by what I do and really just don't like being here anymore.

I've always enjoyed cooking and I love to bake. My mom has jokingly been suggesting that I go to a cooking school since I finished my BS (medicinal chemistry) because I'm always complaining about how bored I am with my work.
Well, I'm starting to think seriously about the idea.
problem is... I don't know what I would want to do when I'm finished.
It's been my dream since college to someday open a florist/nursery/bakery of my own (i also love to grow things), but since I want to do what seems to me to be so much, I'm just not sure about it. My plan is to start small and start with the baking. There are a few community colleges near where I live that have programs that I could afford and for now, take classes in the evening or on weekends (not for credit)

So, my questions are (you were wondering when I would get to that, weren't you):
What can I do when I'm done with a cooking school?
Do I have to have a degree to do it, or can I just take tons of the evening/weekend classes so I can keep working and afford to live (still paying off undergrad loans)?
And anything else that think would be good for me to know.

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You don't need a degree, necessarily. It all depends on how much education you want, and whether you can get the knowledge you need through courses alone. I would suggest working for business(es) similar to the one you wish to open. Do this before, during,and for at least a year after getting your education. The industry experience (if you land a good job) can replace school experience, but you will need business and marketing classes specifically focused on the food industry.


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Welcome Trudy!

Running a business of any kind requires a big investment, not only in money but time. Before you actually open a business make sure you have a sound business plan.
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Hi, Trudy - Salem, Mass - hmmm - you could open up a witchy kind of bakery and sell all those potion herbs! Just kidding - I love Salem!

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