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I found this article on CIA's website while looking for some info for Bitlmorecook. I thought some of you folks might find it interesting. I guess the deal is that you would not have to be a member of the ACF??? No dues to pay??? I am sure the testing costs money though. Anybody got more info on it I would like to hear about it.
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That's knd of cool except for the part about attending some classes at cia. I am also concerned with the acf in general. Never dug the strict rules and regs. Do it there way or it's the highway. It could be neat to have the whole country certified and stuff but I never dug the corporate feel of the acf, like all they talked about was hotel and industry stuff. (I was a member for a few years in Denver)
So I guess in the end I'm not exactly for it.
Anyone can take and pass a test. Not anyone can kick ***** on the line, manage a crew of semi-hooligans, and be creative in the kitchen all the while balancing the books, dealing with customers, servers, and their spouces and kids.:D


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The ACF membership criteria was dropped about 10 years ago along with the "participation" points. There's a practical as well as written tests now. I think, regardless of your position in life, that it's worth the effort to at least look at some of the things that are expected of a chef from someone else's point of view.

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The feel of the ACF all depends on the local chapter. I've been a member at three very different chapters in three states. One was in a college town, so it all revolved around the university and the hotels around it. The next was in an insurance company dominated area, so the chefs were from major B&I contractors. Now I'm in a smalle chapter with chefs from hospitals, country clubs, small restaurants, major tourist areas, healthcare, big busy restaurants, and more. We talk and lean about all aspects of the biz and how to make ourselves better and our guests happier.

From the looks of the posts on this site, there are a lot of chefs who like to talk about the biz, and that's what we do at chapter events, only face-to face.

The certification has changed to include the three courses in Nutrition, Sanitation, and Management; the work history and education points; passing the level specific written exam; AND you must cook in front of the judges. It's not so easy to get certified anymore, but well worth it.

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