Never trust a _____ chef.

Never trust a ____ chef.

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Joined Oct 6, 2002
I've always heard the saying "Never trust a skinny chef". With the explanation of lack of experience, taste, knowledge, quantity of food consumed etc . etc. etc.

Now in days, I hear " Never trust a fat chef" Because they will eat anything, have a lack of dicipline etc. etc etc.

What's your opinion?
Joined Nov 29, 2001
Ironically, I've written to magazines to complain about how "drawn" chefs (cartoons, etc.) are portrayed as fat men. Chefs are no longer necessarily fat, nor are we all men anymore. It's an old stereotype. As a matter of fact, I think chefs are in the best position to be fit because we know which foods are most likely to cause obesity (if consumed with wreckless abandon) and which foods can add flavor without a huge calorie cost. Cooking is tough on the body and clocking all those miles in the kitchen expends calories.

An obese chef is probably depending too much on butter and cream in his or her culinary repertoire.
Joined Jul 18, 2000
*snort* too right

hehe, should see the dude i work with. and he has the old world disease of gout. and hes younger than me.

i cant help but say, that the difference between a good chef and a great chef is knowing when to stop.
Joined Nov 10, 2001
Does a person`s weight indicate their level of skills?Like heck it does!!VZank,watch out for the politically correct brigade or you`ll be accused of improper thinking.:rolleyes:
Joined Mar 3, 2002
I don't think that skinny chefs don't have the experience etc. I am thin 6'2" and 200 lbs, and I do very well for myself.
Another example is Tony Bourdain.
Joined Jan 24, 2003
Feed that belly......heehee.......I must confess to a little has to do with turning 40 & has absolutely nothing to do with my love of butter cream sugar & belly pork.
Joined Jan 11, 2002
Hi guys,
please enlighten me! Can chefbk be considered "thin" for American standards? If my conversion is correct, he is about 185 cm and 90 kilos, which makes me a bit puzzled ;)

Joined Jul 28, 2001
although I'm quite ripped, I trust most seasoned chefs. If they can hang in this business they must be dedicated. I personally never trust a chef who smokes.
Joined Sep 21, 2001
I agree. Never trust a _______ chef. They are the worst kind!Of course, I feel that way about all ______ people, regardless of what they do for a living! Being ______ must just _______!!!!! Personally I could never be ______, but some folks have called me that before.... How about those ______ cooks, anyway!
Joined Jan 24, 2003
LOL Peachcreek,
Reminds me of the saying;" Im not prejuidiced....I hate everybody"


Staff member
Joined Jun 11, 2001
That should exclude all Frenchmen :D

j/k. You know in Quebec restaurants they have two smoking sections? Smoking and chain smoking? :)

On a more serious note, if you smoke, please make an effort to quit.
Joined Mar 2, 2002
when one is sitting in the dining area, placing one's order, how does one determine whether the person preparing the food is a smoker... or fat...or skinny? What's the difference, if the food tastes good?
Joined Jan 24, 2003
Whats wrong with smoking in the kitchen, I do it as often as I can,

Salmon, duck, trout, eel ,chicken, are all great smoked.

Boom Boom.!
Joined Feb 2, 2002
I do not have a problem with a skinny or fat chef.

I think you should not trust a "Slick Chef". Ah, you know the type.
Hair a little too perfect - Uniform never gets dirty - drenched in cologne - one who acts like they are running for Mayor instead of running a kitchen.

I'll take the Skinny or Fat chef any day of the week over one of these......:eek:
Joined Apr 13, 2003
well said nosko. i myself have always been on the side of never trust a skinny chef, cuz i want to be well trusted! some chefs are sooooooo good that they can't help but enjoy their own. :lol: :chef: :beer:
Joined Nov 24, 2003
I was offended by peachtree's comments. I am as far from fat as you can get, but I still don't appreciate discrimination of any kind. Back to the subject, A fat chef is probably fat because he isn't in the kitchen, but rather an office. I trust a chef IN the kitchen. Try and stay fat working in a restaurant that does 100s of covers a night around 500degree equipment. I challenge anyone. Furthermore, try and maneuver around a small kitchen with other people and a gut. And I also agree that smoking can affect your palette in a bad way.:eek:
Joined Nov 20, 2000

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce Paul Prudhomme and Patrick Clarke to name just two of many!
Joined Dec 4, 2003
I was seriously offended by ChefFoxx's 'fat comments.' I personally work in a busy restaurant doing 250+ covers a night. And guess what, i'm not the skinniest person! I will admit, i'm not FAT, but I deffinatly do have a gut. So you have been challanged, and been beat. Don't judge a book by it's cover. And as yourself, I don't appreciate descrimination of any kind either. :mad:

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