Never thought about doing this before (Knife Skills)


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There must be some layer of flesh still under that skin, and maybe the point is to then debone the loin and use other seafood to stuff the shell?
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It looks like bad butchery to me.  What's the point of this?  The bones are still in the fish and you still have to deal with them so you've not saved any time.  
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Looks to me like he took the guts and "ribs"/bones out from inside the fish and left the fillets still attached to the be stuffed with whatever. Actually looks pretty neat...assuming that that what's left behind is indeed skin and meat. If it is just the skin then yeah, I don't see the point lol. 

Kind of like deboning a chicken if you left it whole and didn't cut down the back first...
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the very first step for making milk fish relleno, (one of pinoys special occasion dishes) and what he did is the hard part, (he's a pro doing the same task every day) taking the fish meat with out tearing the skin. once the meat is out, you separate the meat from the bone, mix meat with ground pork, season meat concoction, and stuff back in, bake or grill, you can wrap the stuffed fish with banana leaves of course. (i'm newb to this community, thanks for letting me join)

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