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I've got a consulting gig the first of March....And have just gotten an added "job" dropped in my lap. A local non-profit, not one I founded, is hosting a food and wine show (trade booths selling shtuff or sampling foods/wine), cooking demos<my part>. So, I got called in to line up some local chefs to do stage cooking demos....and all the mydrid of things connected with that....since this is their first year doing it (they've done huge antique shows for 17 years but wanted a different fund raiser) I had to tell them what my job entails; and that of course this is not volunteer work for me.
So far so good....though there was a discussion about not including recipes in the brochure... I HATE COMMITTEES.
This week the contacts the committee made for lining up a Food Network Chef fell flat and I was asked to line up "a big time chef". Um OK. So I have my personal preferences but wanna hear from others.

Who would you wanna work with?
Who would you wanna work with and would be a big draw?
45 minutes on a stage, bantering and cooking.

I'm working on Father Dom to travel in from the Abbey, as well as 4 others locally. Now to find the Big ONE.....
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Nope, if they can make it the first of Mar. Last time I contacted Pepin it was 18mos. out.....
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Alton Brown is scheduled to do a show here in Rochester sometime this month I think. I know that he sold out fast! So he may be popular enough to do the trick. Other than that I couldn't give you any other details on him or anyone else.

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