Nettle Soup

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I had a really good Nettle soup last night at a restaurant in Seattle. Something I've never tried before but am curious, is Nettle something I've missed in the grocery store or is it some hard to find item? I don't think I've ever seen it before. The soup was very very green. I'm assuming it had butter, chicken stock, and I tasted potato as well..anyone make this soup?
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Hi Seattle,

A Nettle is actually a weed..very prickly.
I buy what are called stinging nettles..deep green like spinach. When there picked young,there sting disappears. I have not seen them in retail stores around here.I buy them from a produce vender.They are quite seasonal...not around for a long time
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Thought you might appreciate this information...

"nettles = nettle leaves

Shopping hints: Nettles have long been used in Europe as a substitute for spinach or kale, but they're tricky to use. The tips contain formic acid, a nasty irritant that can give you a serious rash on the outside and cause even more damage on the inside. You can remove the formic acid by cooking and/or soaking the nettles, but don't try this unless you know what you're doing. If you're harvesting your own nettle leaves, select young ones.

Substitutes: escarole OR beet greens OR spinach"

from: (scroll down)
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Hey Nettle lovers:

You will find a recipe for Nettle Soup in the May 2001 ed. of Food and Wine.

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The recipe in food and wine suggest substituting the nettles with fresh spinach or a combination of sorrel and parsley.

Basically a potato/spinach soup. Sounds mighty tasty.
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Funny, I was talking to one of my farmers this am and they mentioned having alot of nettles on their farm and didn't realize that chef's love um....
I gave them a list of 5 restaurants I knew would go nuts over them.
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