netbook or small laptop? Good software?

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Hi guys: An older chef here hoping some of you younger guys can help me out. I want something to carry with me like a notebook - but will it do a good job in holding recipes (word) and inventory par and pricing lists? (I also hate to admit it, but the kids have me playing some facebook games too). When I shop, I see some good stuff, but can't always remember to get all the ingredients. Coming down with "old-timers" I guess.

Now the big question - I just don't see well anymore - can you go to properties and bring down the resolution like a regular computer to make everything larger?

Love any recommendations on these and any good (really cheap) restaurant/par list software out there.

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to be honest, the few I have looked at I don't really like all that much. They are all about the same speed 1.4-1.6gz processer and have the Vista xpress style OS. The only decent thing about them is that they are cheaper then a real laptop (especially Apple's) . For the price, one those HP mini's will do you just fine. The main issue being you will have to buy an external USB cdrom drive to get any software from a disk loaded onto it.  But if you are looking for cheap, portable, websurfing and data storage. Then it will get you by. Best of luck.

p.s. I don't have recipe software ( i just use notepad and write it down myself then use word search to locate it later. I know some discussion about software has been done here before a quick search should pull it up.
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If you have some computer savy you don't need the USB CD. You can install  most software over a network or from a USB key.

Netbooks aren't powerful. If your desired software bogs down on a normal notebook, you won't be happy on a netbook. Netbook screens are on the small side. You can increase font size, but you might not have room in the software for everything to display.

Netbooks are small and light and a breeze to cart around.

You can buy small notebooks, a bit bigger than  netbook and close to the same weight with more power and screen for not too much more money. That might be a better fit for you.


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I have a Dell Mini netbook with a 12" screen.  I wouldn't recommend anything smaller than this or you will feel like you need a magnifying glass to see the screen.  Another drawback is that many of the netbooks only have a suboptimal processor as Gunnar mentioned and 1GB of RAM with no space to add an additional memory card, therefore they are verrrry slow...mine is no exception.  While it is very portable, I wish I'd coughed up another $300 for a real laptop with more power and a 14" screen.  Just my 2 cents.
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