Nervous about sous gig

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OK I am 28 years old. Educated. Been in the business since 15. Solid cook. I accepted a sous chef job at an upper casual restaurant. I have sous at other places. Did everything I'm the kitchen from menu development to prep and working the line. This establishments menu is a knock up. There is 3 other sous chef. They told me I will need to create dishes for menu etc. I'm nervous because my dishes don't haven't been to the level they create. Basically I'm experiencing alot of nerves and ability walking into a new kitchen as the young sous chef. Any thoughts how I can calm myself down. Much appreciated. Thank you chefs
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Talk to the chef and other sous chefs. Tell them about your concerns and that you'll need/want guidance in the beginning about menu items and whatnot. Start small...have them assign you a dish or two to work on, some up with multiple ideas and present them and talk them out with the chef. Get his/her feedback and then do some menu development and taste trials.

Odds are they won't let anything on the menu they aren't happy with, so you'll always have that safety net. \\

Push yourself because sitting still won't help you grow. Scary, nervous, etc means you are growing.

You can always use this site as a resource too to help form ideas and bounce thoughts around. I haven't always had good luck but maybe you'll fare better.
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Yes, I know I won't be assigned any tasks to create items for the menu right off the bat. It's been years since I worked in a new kitchen and first time I'll be walking into a new kitchen as one of the sous. So o think that is what scares me moat. But you are correct. Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts. Truly means slot and helps. Thank you mich
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Focus on your strengths- what do you cook for family/friends when you are feeling adventurous?
What ingredients do you enjoy working with? What interesting flavour profiles do you like?
Don't over think it. Pork and apple go together, they just do. But how can you put your own twist on a dish?
Look into the dishes that some of your favourite chefs are cooking and wonder what you might do to give it your own signature. Ask for opinions, refine the dish. Get creative with plating.
Then do the figures. Is this dish within acceptable plate costs? Can it be produced efficiently and consistently when the kitchen is under pressure? Can it be cooked and beautifully presented by the least experienced cooks in your kitchen? What is the contingency plan if your dish doesn't sell- are those ingredients used in other dishes, so produce doesn't go to waste?
Good luck with it, and keep us in the loop!
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You can't be who your not. You can only be the best version of what you know and who you are.... Just be open to everything and everything will fall into place......Good Luck! ........ChefBillyB
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