Needing some advice from the chefs of the UK or even overseas.

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Hi chefs, my name is Matt and Ive been a chef since the age of 17. Im now 23 and im starting to hit a wall.
So in my career so far ive worked in Italians, Brasseries, Bistros and then a two rosette restaurant which i loved. Problem is i had to leave due to the fact they promised me a Chef De Partie job after 6 months and then said the position wasnt available. The money there was awful and my overheads were far too much driving there are back every day. So all i pay for now is my rent and bills etc and walk to work.
Yet my job right now, even though well paid, is not the line i want to go down. I prefer the rosette standard but there is nothing around here of that class and to get to others id need public transport but i find it difficult to use that when most places i will finish work after the last train/bus.
I want to get back into it. But im struggling as to how i go about it. Any advice Chefs?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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