Needing New Knife

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    Needing a new knife.

    I’m want a new knife.  I’ve never bought a really nice one, so it’s high time I got with the program.  I do have one that I like pretty well for the feel, but I want a better quality one (or two).  I use this one for everything from splitting and cutting up chickens to chopping, dicing and slicing.  The one I have is a Sabatier, Chef de Cuisine.  I can’t find it on the internet, and I’ve really searched hard  I have found other “Sabatier’s” but none just like this.  All I know about it is that I bought it a long time ago, probably from a restaurant supply house.  Had it for many years.  Probably was not too expensive, don’t remember.  Please let me describe it for you:

    The blade is 8 inches in length, and it has a full bolster which is made as part of the blade.  I am assuming it is forged, but maybe you can make an integral bolster from stamped..dunno.  Handle is black, probably Micarta or something similar.  Don’t think it’s wood.  Fit and finish is very good.  It’s held up well, considering I’m not a sharpening expert.  It seems to be fairly heavy, but I kinda like the heft, and the handle feels good, it’s just gotten kinda slick using it at the restaurant and at home

    The markings are as follows, holding the knife in the right hand, tip pointing left, cutting edge down.



    MADE IN FRANCE               8”CHEF

    To the right of this is:





    The blade is .132” (3.35mm) at its thickest before the bolster.

    It is .100” (2.54mm) thick halfway up the blade toward the tip.

    It is .040” (1.02mm) thick at the tip.

    Edge is .030” (.76mm) approximately.

    It is 1.61” (40.9mm) just before the bolster.

    I think I want a 240mm western-style Japanese chef’s knife.  Style Gyuto?  French influence?

    I think I want a Western handle, knife not thin/whippy, with profile similar to Sabatier but a little wider at the bolster than mine and slightly thinner.  Fairly tough knife, but not to be abused at all.

    I will also later be buying a slicer like a sujihiki (if I spelled that right).  Maybe a 10”?

    Budget is around $300 or less.

    I started out looking at a Misono UX10, eight-inch, a MAC Ultimate nine-inch, Moritake KS, Masamoto KS, and a Richmond Remedy.  Also a Dave Martell 240mm Gyuto.

    I’m totally open about which knife to get, not locked in to any of the above.

    Sorry this is so long, just wanted to help with any answers I may get.

    Thanks if you can help.

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    just go to a knife store near your area (if there is one), and play around to feel which one suits you best. Then purchase that same brand on the internet.

    Go with whatever works for you, but i'd only advise that you buy a knife without a bolster. It interferes too much with sharpening.