Needing Help With My Convection Oven

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by helpinohio, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Just recently bought a house with a Convection Oven...  is there a rule of thumb when using it, compared to my old regular house oven? I was in a rush the other day and threw in 2 Hungry Man Dinners at 350, for 35 mins... and it melted the plastic trays!!!

    I plan to do more baking, however, am a lil worried about over cooking everything! With my old oven, I baked slower. If cake, or brownies, and whatever called for 350 degrees, I baked at 325 degrees. I also learned to check the items as they baked, so everything came out moist and good. I use darker coated pans (Todd English Bakeware), a lot.  So is there a chart, or something I can keep as a guideline when using this new Convection oven?
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    Most recipes have you adjust the temp down 25 degrees for a convection oven while keeping the same time. I find the time usually needs cut down a little too. No two ovens are the same.