Needed: deli style dessert possibilities

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My husband and I are part of a five-couple group who convene about every two months to make a themed dinner. This Saturday night, it's deli (Jewish deli, that is). I have a batch of rugelach baked (chocolate and apricot-walnut), but I need one more dessert. Well, two if I can't stop myself! :D

I made a batch of Gale Gand's Black and White Cookies a while back, and found them too dry. Unless someone has a really good recipe for those, I'll need to find a replacement dessert. I want to make whatever it is as a "small bites" dessert if possible. I'm considering mini-cheesecakes, but they aren't all that creative.

Are there some other typically deli-style desserts I can make?

Thanks in advance,
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Tuxedo cupcakes
Chocolate-Cherry-Mascarpone Bundt Cake slices
Chocolate Chip Apple Cake slices
Cheesecake Pops
Chocolate "Sushi"
Layered Brownies
Frutas de Pinchos
Mini cannoli
Assorted Hamentash
Trifle "Shooters"
Min pannacotta

what else?

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How about trying a chocolate babka? I've used one from the website that is easy and delicious.

My other suggestion would be to make apple (or another kind of fruit) strudel using phyllo dough. This is also easy and both desserts are typical deli fare.

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