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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering a couple things about the new site and really would appreciate your feedback:
  1. How can we motivate everyone to review cooking equipment you own? We really would like to build up our reviews to make the site more useful to members and would love to see this become a regular part of your routine on ChefTalk. Do you fine it difficult to post a review? What needs to be changed to motivate you to review products? Are we missing categories you would like to review? 
  2. We would also love to see more users creating "Lists". If you don't know what there are great tutorials on how to create lists and they are really useful to the community.Below are some links to lists and review tutorials.
[h4]Your List and Product Questions[/h4]Lastly here is one example of a list I have create:

Places I have cooked

Knives I own

Pots and Pans I own

My Wish List

One last thought about lists and product reviews. Listing products you own really does not take much effort at all and it really does help out the community. Simply listing pots, pans, knives, kitchen appliances that you own shows what is popular to our community. This does two things. One it helps people trying to find a good kitchen tool. If 150 people in the community like a certain knife then it is a good indicator to someone looking for a knife to buy that one. Second, it shows manufacturers that their products are popular with our community and they are more likely to offer special discounts, free give aways to our community.

Here is what I am asking all community members to do. One, give me your honest feedback about these features so we can improve them. Two, try to list one product a week or month that you own. Listing is easy and it is a great way to help out ChefTalk. As for reviews if you can simply write 3-5 sentences on why you like something go ahead and do that. One review a month from everyone will help us build our reviews.

Thanks for listening.
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So that's what "Lists" is for! I'll start on mine right now. I like the idea that I can search for other people who have the same item on their list.


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Thank you! please report any problems you have creating your list so we can improve on the functionality.
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Dear Nicko,

My husband developed a product for himself to help him with his back pain.   There are only 25 production units that he has been made.  He has an e-commece website, but does not want to violate any site protocols by promoting an item that he owns the patent to. 

Can this be a product that simply has a picture of the device?  Please advise as to your opinion.

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In regards for number 1, maybe a motivation could be a monthly prize to a random user who has posted a review that month.  A cookbook, or something.

How do you make a list? I don't see it in my profile settings (same with adding a signature).
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