Need to meet Culinary Students in San Francisco Bay Area

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Hello Chefs,

My name is Mayank. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this questions. But I found only one good vibrant blogging site for Chefs and this is the one. So please excuse me if this question is not appropriate.

In the year 2016 some unfortunate things happened to someone dear to me and I was looking for a personal chef to help us with cooking. I had a hard time finding one as there were no good online platforms available just for personal chefs. So in the year 2017 I created one. More than a business I think this is a platform for the needy ones to connect to chefs like yourselves. On the flip side, chefs get an opportunity to earn some extra money to pay off their side bills. I think it is win-win to both Chefs and Customers. Chefs get to set their own schedules and availability. Basically Chefs are their own boss on my platform and work when they want to.

I would like to meet culinary students in San Francisco Bay Area and have them on board. I planned to visit the Culinary schools and talk to few students but later I thought it was a bad idea.

Can anyone please recommend or guide me on how to meet a culinary students?

By the way I have intentionally not mentioned my website name as I don't want spam such a wonderful blogging place.

Wish you a very happy new year.

Mayank Thakur
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You can reach out to the placement departments of culinary schools and usually they have job placement boards that the students get on a regular basis. You need to be careful of your role in placing chefs with clients in case of liability issues; or at least define your role very very clearly so they cannot involve you in any litigation if it should arise.

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