need to find a 'fancy' oval pie dish... sounds silly i know!

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    this year i am hosting the family boxing day dinner, due to it being family it will be very informal but because it is xmas i want to make it every bit as special as i can while still maintaining the relaxed atmosphere...

    i will be doing a pie, easy to cook en masse and comforting in the winter... but ive been looking at pie dishes (it must be oval! im very OCD like that, hate circular dishes!) and everything is so bland... both ebay ( and twenga ( have been totally disappointing!! can anyone point me to a good homeware store online, maybe even vintage that might have something good, i suppose as backup i could go for a really good colour le creuset dish but i was hoping for something a little unusal that will make the pie in the middle of the table more of a centrepiece!

    thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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    It's your search which is killing you -- not a lack of interesting cookware.  Instead of using the word "pie" in your search, try "oval baking pan," "oval cazuela," and "oval casserole."

    Bet you hit big with "oval baking pan" right off the bat.   

    Good luck,

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