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Hello everyone.

Well in about a month I am moving and will get to start applying for jobs again. I have worked in a bakery, and I have been a prep cook/ "salad girl" night shift at a nice restaurant.

I think I enjoy making brunch/luncheon type stuff the most, as well as desserts. I seem to have a better feel for them, and really enjoy the beauty and possibilities of cold foods. (Not like there are not possibilities in hot foods).

Several questions.

Do you think my feel for the colder side of things and desserts/pastries is because I have more experience with them, or because I actually have more talent with them?

If I think this is the area I prefer, what kind of job should I be looking for? My first reaction is to beg tea rooms to hire me, but what else? Would working for a caterer be a good experience? What other avenues could I go down?

I will be looking around a fairly large city, so possibilities are larger than in a small town. I need to narrow down where to start.

Thanks for any input.

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i had the same feeling at my first job. i was a prep cook and i really enjoyed that. then the chef wanted me to go work the cold side and i knew that i wouldnt like it but you know what? i loved it. then working in the cold side for a while, i really loved it. then i dreded the day that the chef wanted me to work saute. i complained and everything but guess what? I LOVED IT. then he wanted me to work the grill and the wheel and i must say, i loved that too.

i think that you should try the hot side too. i am pretty sure you, like myself, will like it. its diffrent. a little hotter and faster but thats fun (at least for me).

if you feel that you still enjoy the cold side more, i would suggest either working at a hotel in a pastry shop or maybe if they are a big hotel, they might have a commasery or garde manger kitchen. i would also suggest working for a big catering firm too. those are fun (i dont much care for them). you might like it too.

i wish you the best of luck and please keep me posted on what you find.
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I agre with Isaac, try everything out and see how you like it. Even if you still prefer working "cold" you will have had a wonderful learning experience.

Good Luck finding a job!
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I would go around the block a few times. But hey, if you feel pastries is your calling, go for it.

Of course, I'm quite partial to pastry chefs!



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Only you know if you want to be pastry chef or not. You should sit down and take the time to make your decision.

Once you made up your mind, look at your resume and emphasised your qualifications according to the job you are applying for.

Good luck!

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