Need Thanksgiving ideas

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I know it seems a bit early, but it will be here before we know it. My Dh and I are planning on having my FIL over about a week before to celebrate the holiday. It will be a small group (just me, my husband, two children and my father in law) and I want to prepare a wide range of items in smaller versions. Any tips or ideas would be great. He's a pretty traditional meat and potatoes kinda guy, so nothing too fancy. Also, I owuld like items that would travel and re-heat well. He's a widower who doesn't cook much and could use some items for the freezer. Thanks in advance.


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How about duck? Stuffed with apple. Served with mash potatoes. I just love this dish. My mother is making it for our Thanksgiving this weekend. I'm already hungry. ;)
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Delicata squash baked until soft and then broiled with either butter or soy margarine and a sprinkle or two of fresh nutmeg and black pepper.

Food TV brined Turkey (Good Eats) with cranberry dipping sauce.

Roasted corn soup with miso. Use Imagine organic corn soup as a base and add fresh roasted corn, sherry, diced potatoes, red bell pepper, and near the end of cooking some mellow white miso.

Sweet potato mashed with crushed pineapple, butter or margarine, nutmeg, splash of orange juice and a pinch or two of sea salt

Pumpkin soup - pureed pumpkin, shallots, vegetable broth half and half or silken tofu
granny smith apple, salt and pepper, cumin,
cinnamon (just a pinch), maple syrup
Use a stick blender to puree and add half and half at the end.
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Here's something unusual but not too far out that is delicious! I make it every year and it tastes just as good after freezing.
Clean and saute a bunch of Brussel Sprouts with whole Butter and chopped Pecans. Saute until sprouts are crunchy/tender. Season generously with salt and white pepper. Put into a casserole dish. Make a custard 10 eggs:1 qt. heavy cream (you'll probably only need half or cut back the eggs a little if you prefer)
Pour over brussels just to cover. Thin slice some sweet potatoes and layer overlapping on top to cover. Drizzle with maple syrup and bake covered at 400F. for 25 minutes or so until custard is set and potatoes are tender.
**** fine dish :D :D :D
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