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I have a problem. To my tastebuds there is nothing that can spoil the flavor of a dish more than green pepper and/or raw/semiraw onions. So if im cooking a dish how do i taste it if it has green pepper or onion to know if it's coming out ok. Of course, if im making it for my own meal, i leave out the onion and green pepper. Im thinking of future work in a commercial establishment.

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Get over it, learn to like it. You don't have to eat it but learn to cook with these ingredients/ flavors.

There are a bunch of ingredients that I don't care for but would never exclude them or not feature them in a dish for others because of that.

I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would cook with cilantro when I was starting out, just didn't get the flavor now it's an indispensable ingredient in many dishes.

You will evolve.
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How are you cutting your onions?  I will use red onions cut extra small or sweet onion cut paper thin.  If you're just cutting a large dice of a normal french or white onion yeah it's going to be assertive.
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Eventually you will adapt. It takes practice. If you are seriously considering a career in food you will have to deal with onions. They are everywhere.
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I wonder if your knives are sharp enough. Can you more or less shave your arm with them? Because otherwise you're crushing the cell walls of these vegetables, which sets up strong, harsh reactions (in onions, you get sulfuric acid, which is why you cry while cutting them). If you get the pure, clean taste, you might think differently about these ingredients.

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There's also onions known as"sweet" that are less offensive. And red/yellow pepper are often reasonable subs for green pepper, and they are less pungent to the taste.

Or the old chef tricks - rinsing under cold water and sautéing.
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