need some thinking along, truffle dressing to accompany a terrine....

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dinner party tomorrow, which is nice.

I made up a terrine based around truffle flavor, to make sure flavors would match.

so terrine made up with blanched cabbage leaves, mushrooms, some cubed  bacon in layers (with gelatin and fond used)

now I wanted to source for a truffle product which is just an accompaniment but which would draw all the flavors together, being a nice finish with this dish.

problem.  only thing I found is salsa tartufata and white truffle oil.

I have thought to make a basic truffle dressing with the tartufata but still lacking that typical flavor I think (tartufata contains tuber aestivum)

I am making a thin mayo anyways and was going to use both on the plate.

so can do..... mayo with the tartufata mixed in

or just make a dressing with tartufata , and spruce up the mayo with white truffle oil.

oh and there is also potato which might play a role in this dish somewhere  but I have not decided yet.

someone else having ideas? 
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If it were me, I would serve the terrine with toasted bread for texture contrast, a few mixed salad leaves gently tossed in a simple neutral vinaigrette and nothing else. Certainly no mayo or mayo based dressing. But, that's me, others may think very differently. If there's already a bit of truffle in the terrine, that would be plenty imo.
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bread along with the terrine would be too much.

terrine will be plated up plainly, with a wreath surrounding it, from mixed salad leaves and mushrooms and potato cubes.

lightly dressed with the truffle mayo.

its a three course menu, so don't want to make it too heavy.

other dishes are duckbreast with red wine sauce, mousseline of celery (the bulb), some veg (mangetout and turned carrots).

dessert is bavarian cream flavored with chai, pear poached in orange juice, saffron and honey.

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