Need some menu help!!!!! Scottish food hmmm???

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I have our ladies golf opening coming up and they have a Scottish theme. I'm not really to familiar with Scottish food, probably alot of potatoes and cabbage like Irish food but if anyone has some ideas I would welcome some suggestions


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Serve "Haggis" and you will never have to do another Scottish Theme meal again...............
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Repost in the General food Discussion forum and I am sure Ishbel will be able to give you some ideas...Cullen Skink comes to mind. left my Scottish cookbook with my wife, 450 miles away
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now thats a great idea.....LOL
FG, Scottish is a hard theme meal to figure out, I was there a few years ago. The people are great and it is one of my favorite places to go, but it's really not the Culinary Mecca of the world. I ate in Indian restaurants, and a lot of Fish and Chips.................P.S. Fresh Halibut is in season, I picked up 10lb half for home use for $8.95 lb, are you seeing it in Portland ??????????? I'm about 175 miles East of you....................ChefBillyB
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