Need some idea for knife storage.

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some ideas to store my knives. I tried the magnetic block idea but it's too short and isn't big enough for my other three knives. 

Any ideas? I'm particular about my knives so edge retention is important. 



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If you like the magnet, the get another magnet :D

Also I keep a lot of my knives in my knife bag.  This one
The added benefit is now you have a knife bag when you go places.
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Ha! I should have been more clear. I like the magnetic holders too but since these layout is linear, they take up a lot of space. The bag is a nice idea.

I remember seeing a magnetic system that mounted under the upper cabinet. That seemed slick at the time but I just glanced over the info.
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If you do some searches for knife block/storage/holder  you will find some interesting options.   One in particular was a high-end block made I think by an Australian craftsman.   Imagine an oriental fan opened 1/3 and standing  up on one of the 2 outside edges.    It could hold a good number of knives in rather  narrow section of countertop.   $300+ dollars I think, but not too extravagant for your knives.

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