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ok, im a culinary student and i need some help finding info for a project. i need to make a product specification sheet for a menu that we'd use when requesting products from our distributor. i do not know how some things are packaged though (ex: when ordering strawberries how do they box them, what standards should be speified and so on) any information on this or where i can find this information would be appreciated very much thank you. also if anyone knows how much whole pumpkin costs i cant find a price for it anywhere?! thank you
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Millroy, talk to the store room clerks at your school. He or she might be able to teach you the nomenclature used on your requisition forms so you get a better idea of the format and count of your products. It differs in every school.
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millroy...why not contact your local food wholesaler/supplier and ask them to supply you with some product brochures. most of them will have spec sheets. specs vary from each place....remember you can anywhere between 60 and 100 pieces of potatoes in a 50# box...size does matter here!
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