Need some help!

Joined Aug 23, 2007
Hi Guys!  I am now finally free of all responsibilities - son all grown up and moved out!! I am now going traveling and want to 'cook/work' my way around the world.  First stop is going to be NY/NJ BUT the US authorities won't let me work (I have a UK passport)  - although I did explain to them that it was only to make enough money to travel OUT of the USA!!   Anyway my question is this.  Does anyone need help waiting tables or helping in the kitchen?  I am happy to work for minimum wage and only want to stay for 3 months or so until I can move on to Singapore which is going to be my next destination and then from there to India.  I also want to save a little so that I can pay for the volunteer work which I am planning to do later this year. I have been a personal Chef for over 10 years so if anybody can point me in THAT direction, I would be grateful.
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